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A question we get asked a lot is “what is glamping?”.

So, what IS Glamping?

So for those who have only just started to hear about this new luxury camping trend, here is our summary of the basics and what the fuss is all about.
Glamping, glam camping, luxurious, posh, luxe camping, luxury boutique camping, or whatever you prefer to call it can be defined in one way. It’s all about camping, but it’s also all about smoothing the edges of roughing it. The official definition is:

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No rocks to remove from under your sleeping bag here.

Glamping (noun) an abbreviation of ‘glamorous camping’; glamping involves all the luxuries of home. ’Glampers‘ stay in yurts, tipis or luxury caravans, instead of basic tents.

—Macmillan Dictionary

It isn’t just about getting away for a time to be closer to nature and under the stars. It is also about visiting hospitality venues that are equipped to give their guests a unique, and often quirky, outdoor experience. This is how Wikipedia explains it as:

Glamping is its modern equivalent, combining both yesterday’s amenities and today’s technology.

For the camper it must be inspiring, homely and authentic. It is nothing like a traditional camping experience, as it is luxurious and completely effortless. A 5 star experience under canvas, which focuses on the environment, respecting nature and keeping it high quality and as local and artisan as possible. It is also about the glamping accessories and high end camping gear and accessories that people love to play with when they go on vacation.

We’ve seen many camping trends come and go over the years but none have been so determined to stick around than ‘glamping’.

Many people try camping once or twice but are put off by the lack of facilities, creepy crawlies and leaky tents, so they return home disappointed and devoid of motivation to ever return again.

But this does not remove the inherent desire that most people have to stay in our great outdoors, soaking up the atmosphere and absorbing the fresh air.

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As humans we would not have spread across the globe if we hadn’t been compelled to travel from place to place. As a result, we have had to become travellers, adventurers and campers to survive. Similar to how a salmon swims up stream to reach its spawning grounds, we feel an equally powerful desire to get on the road and begin more outdoor adventures.

Basically we are all prehistorically hardwired to want to go camping whether we want to or not.

Added to this is the fact that travelling abroad or staying in the comfort of a hotel isn’t what it used to be. Volcanic ash clouds and terrorist threats interrupt flights, while hotels have become crowded, over heated and tedious, with very little about the experience that doesn’t cost the earth.

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